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Testimonial's :

" This Collagen is my gold, I am really loving it, people are asking which cream I am using, my skin has really changed. Also my hair is growing much faster than before - I so wish I knew about this product earlier ! "
- Estelle, Cyprus

" I can now do squats and burpees without the knee caps. My naturally hard nails are harder and they haven’t broken in 2 months and trimming them is such an effort (maybe I will buy a small axe) ! "
- AS, Nairobi

" Everyone is telling me I look fresh and my skin is different . . . I kept wondering why because my focus on the collagen has been the fact that my knee is no longer paining . . . I didn't know its showing on my skin ! "
- JG

" To be honest I wasn’t very sure at first as I did not really know much about it. I ordered a pack from the very first lot you brought in and didn’t order again. I can say that now I feel my nails are splitting and getting softer. I’ve just placed another order and will continue ! Thanks. "
- GM, Nairobi

“ Good morning. The Collagen in yoghurt is the real deal. Doesn’t change the taste at all. “
- NN, Kenya

“ Collagen is doing wonders. Nails growing pretty fast. Skin is silky smooth. That noise ya bones gone. Super grateful that you introduced it to us “
- KC

“ The pain in my knees has reduced kabisa n m so so happy. I already liked the page. Will sure share to create awareness “
- CA

“ I should order some more, mine is almost over. It has really helped reduce joint pains and I comfortably admit it has aided digestion in a big way. Am impressed. Thank you KenBroth for this amazing product ! ”
- SMM, Kenya

“ The collagen is great though haven't been taking it daily. The biggest difference I have noted is my nails just keep growing and my knees are good I can squat heavy with no issues ! “
- JN, Nairobi

“ My Mum has used it for 7 days now, she sleeps better, her legs do not have those pangs of pain that keep her awake most of the night, she feels a little heavy on one. She has been taking one table spoon twice a day. “
- HS

“ Morning ! Went for a jog early morning at 5am and I felt quite well. My joint pains are all gone and felt quite energetic. I never stopped taking collagen as you proposed , I think those were early symptoms and my body was repairing. I used to feel as if my joints were being glued. Am almost finishing the first pack ,shall order another 500g soon “
- PK

“ For my 9 yr old son who has rheumatoid arthritis am happy, I think it was timely - he has not complained of the hip joint and knee pain the whole of the Kenyan winter. I am also noticing gradual change with my skin. “
VM, Kenya

“ Hello, I forgot to tell you . . . My Mom loves the collagen. She says people are asking what she has done to her skin. That she looks radiant. I haven't seen her so I don't know. She is no longer having too much pain on her knees but has pain issues with her lower back. She is seeing a doctor for all those though the collagen seems to help. So thank you ! “
- VN

“ Hello. The collagen I got two weeks ago is working wonders on Mom. She’s had bad arthritis pain which has in the last two weeks reduced considerably to almost clearing. When is the next consignment expected ? She doesn’t want to take a break from taking it daily. “
- IW

“ Hahaha. My knees have really improved btw. No more pains. In fact yesterday I wore heels, which I haven't worn in 7 years. I'd been forced to survive in flats. Now I can even comfortably speed up the stairs. Our office is on 3rd floor and it was such a pain going even down. I only take a tablespoon a day in my coffee. It's the best thing that happened to me “
- MK

“ My knees are much better and I am back to heels for the last 2 months (I went back 2 weeks into taking collagen) and now my nails are also a testimony, bowel movement and sleep. Thank you for sharing and be blessed. “
- SK

“ Thank you for just helping me take time to read about it. I was doing it for me, but then I passed the collagen powder to my mum. I hang out with her on Saturday and she was almost in tears telling me how her joints have gone quiet. Now she is going up and down stairs in amusement. She is walking longer distances and she is sleeping well at night. Thank you. I will now order for myself.
Just this January, we had a family picnic and Mum had to remain standing for most of it because getting down to the ground was an uphill task. She didn’t want to talk about it but I saw the pain. I am so glad she is ok now despite the cold Nairobi temperatures. “
- MM, Nairobi

“ I'm able to squat. No more knee pains and it's been less than 2 weeks. I will make it a lifestyle “
- WM

" Hi, you are God sent. My boy has been having constipation issues so when I saw some comments on it I thought of giving him. He has pooped like no before. It did not last one hr, I just mixed with yoghurt. Thanks you big ! “
- SW

“Let me be honest, … I was almost giving up on this collagen because my face started by breaking while everybody else is testifying how well it's working on them. I had bought 4 packets of 250g each and am now on the last one, and just yesterday someone told me I looked different but couldn't tell what it was.

Then today I noticed my face is looking all bright and glowing. I also went to the salon today and guess what, … my hair looks thicker. My nails are also getting back to shape after a lot of damage from gel polish. I had noticed that my pelvis had suddenly started hurting, I was feeling it was taking a bit longer because I am 1 year post c/s.

I have more energy to work out. I do my workout wearing ankle weights, … 5kgs on each leg and it doesn't hurt.

Why am i saying all this? I realised my body has taken a little bit longer to respond compared to other people. Patience is key. I thank God I didn't give up.”
- Blessings Wnn, Kenya.

" My knees no longer creek when I wake up. My skin is now very smooth, I am pooping regularly (daily) and my nails have grown."
- Njeri.

“ My joints feel good now. I used to get a burning feeling on my elbows and knees but I now don't feel it. So looking forward coz it's almost over. “
- JN

“ Hi . . . the collagen is amazing. I have now used it for 3 weeks, almost 4 weeks & its amazing. My nails are very strong, was actually trimming them on Sunday & I could tell that they have changed for the better. My hair, not yet, I’ll be able to tell once I undo them. My skin really looks good. I’m soo grateful & now it means I need to order more. “
- NG

“ Salaams, . . . for me there is no turning back on collagen it is my everyday thing and will be, I am doing well, and I feel more psyched to take care of my body and soul. My rheumatoid arthritis pains have taken leave, the rough ridges on my nails are reduced considerably, and my gut feels good, though am still not so good with bowel movement. I am now doing the detox thing just to see if my metabolic system can pick better. I will do the 1 KG order for the Halal product now and send the cash to Mary. I am also going to introduce my Mum into this. I will sure check out the page and share. Thanks. “
- HS

“ I started on the collagen and have so far taken 250gms. I’ve had bad constipation for years. The collagen has really helped my bowel movement and I’m so happy. I normally don’t like commenting in pages, but I thought i should thank you. Will keep you updated on progress. Thanks “
- GN

“ Hi, have noticed a huge difference with my nails and knees. I try mixing it with soup as much as I can, so far loving it “

“ Where do I start ? My face face is glowing ! I am managing 100 squats from the 15 I used to pant doing ! Truly hooked ! Paying now. “
- BD.

“ Hi, am a silent follower and never comment on FB for personal reasons . . . but just FYA on collagen . . . I have now resumed gym coz my knees don’t hurt anymore . . . alafu this are my nails . . . I have a difficult time convincing people they not acrylics . . . kwa hayo machache wewe uza collagen roho safi "
- ASK 

“ You should see my nails and face. Look awesome. My knees are getting better by day. I have recommended to a few friends who should take up some this time round. “
- RJ

" Now my nails have grown so fast and haven’t broken "
- DM, Kenya

" Thank you and regards, I love the follow up and customer service."
- NB, Nairobi

“ Thank you so much for the collagen. My knees are not painful anymore especially after work out . . . and going to the toilet wow very smooth. I used to have a big problem with my bowels so I would stay bloated the whole day. I feel great. “
- AW

“ Thank you. Excellent customer service “
- NW, Nairobi

“ Collagen any time, l am on day 18 on the 30 day challenge. I Love it. Thank you Sidi for introducing us. God Bless “

“ Well what to say ? After 1 year of maternity I went back to work and the backache would not let a girl prosper! I ordered the collagen and started making the bone broth and just like that no more back pains ! I need more of it ! “
- JP

“ Received the collagen powder but after researching on its benefit I will give this to Mama she needs it more. I will order mine next week “
- JH

“ Imagine started taking it Jana and today am not leaping! It's amazing. Will be ordering more. It has been such a relief. I couldn't do my gym. The pain is gone already. “
- AK 

“ Btw, my mum is reaping real benefits from the collagen !! She said no more back aches, Arthritis pain in the knees gone too !! Then she had a toe and finger nail that got hurt along time ago and were not growing . . . they were just black . . . now there is growth so she thinks in a month she will be able to trim off the darkened part!! She drinks it religiously !! Even puts it in water . . . hio ilinishinda . . . It smells funny in water or milk. So I just use it in coffee or tea. I am really thankful to you for introducing it to us !! God bless you loads . . . So now I want to introduce my Dad as soon as the new stock arrives. “
- MNG 

“ I assure you my knees are far far much better. I can bend with much ease “
- SM

" Hi, it’s going well. I no longer experience the joint pains in my knees. However, I have not been consistent with daily intake, something I need to improve on :-) “
- BA

“ Hi, I think my knees have go the most benefit, I have been unable to do squats because of pain in my knees but yesterday I did 30 without any struggle. So far so good. “
- AM

“ This collagen story !!!! My nails have stopped peeling. Now to see if it will translate to length. My skin looks great. Not sure what exactly it is but I will continue taking the collagen and see. My hair I will know after 2 months. “
- AA

“ I decided to give my mum the broth as she was suffering the most, it has helped her so very much. She is not complaining her of knees or back as she is mostly in the shamba she is even the one who told me that the collagen is about to finish and she wants it as it has helped her a great deal.
I also have used it and the pain on my knee has subsided especially when I squat - it is working for us, truly grateful for you “
- RM

“ Morning. There is my payment for collagen. Now I also have a collagen testimony - First let me confess that I bought some after hearing the hair growth testimony. I have very long hair so that wasn't really a problem but I lose my hairline when breastfeeding so my main aim was to protect the hairline. I bought the collagen while 8 months pregnant (am 4 weeks post partum) so I've consumed for roughly 2 months. Am happy to report that the old hairline I lost back in 2011 after the birth of my first baby has regrown despite the fact that I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I'm really excited about that seeing that my main aim was to protect my barely existing hairline.
My nails have not been left behind. I had very brittle nails but they are so strong now, they rarely break. My hubby is still excited about the collagen and takes it religiously but I haven't asked him if he has noticed any changes. “

“ Hello. The collagen i got two weeks ago is working wonders on mom. She’s had bad arthritis pain which has in the last two weeks reduced considerably to almost clearing.
When is the next consignment expected. She doesn’t want to take a break from taking it daily. “
- IW

“ My hair dresser could not believe how much growth my hair has had since I started using this collagen. It’s awesome ! “
- MB, Nairobi

“ This journey has been great my nails are stronger I have not experienced back and joint pains. I will know the effect on my hair after I undo my braids. Will still continue “
- NN, Kenya



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